Erie Homecoming 2020

Are you ready for Erie Homecoming 2020: Erie's Economic Evolution?  

 Are you ready to be a hero for a community you love?  

Erie Homecoming 2020: Erie's Economic Evolution will give attendees the opportunity to learn how they can invest in our community, our businesses, our families, and our future leaders. We have all had enough bad news. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves, take action, and learn how each of us can invest our time, talent, and treasure in creating a more prosperous and equitable Erie.  

Your ticket will enable you to:

  • See and hear first-hand from the agents of change driving Erie's community forward
  • Learn how you can participate and contribute to the unprecedented market momentum occurring in the region
  • Connect with former colleagues and friends via some of our unique virtual networking opportunities
  • Learn inspiring new ways you can catalyze change from some of the nation's foremost thought leaders on community revitalization
  • Realize how you can become an ambassador for the community you love

If you left home to get your degree, being a hero for Erie may look like returning to your hometown and using the knowledge you gained to make it better. If you retired to Scottsdale, being a hero for Erie may look like investing in one of the many startups that are now headquartered in the community you still love. If you are an executive at one of the region's growing companies, being a hero for Erie might look like mentoring a future Erie leader.   

Please join us on October 29th and 30th for this two-day virtual event to learn more about all the ways you can invest in your hometown. Grab your cape, your coffee, your favorite chair, and get ready for Erie Homecoming 2020: Erie's Economic Evolution! 

Who should attend?

  • Former Erie residents looking to reinvest in their hometown, and realize a triple bottom line return — a return on profit, people and place
  • Developers and investors from across the globe
  • Anyone looking for unique, high-potential investment opportunities

What you'll learn.

  • The market and environmental conditions that have led to this point, making Erie an ideal investment opportunity
  • Learn about Flagship Opportunity Zones and what they mean in terms of tax and other investment incentives
  • See first hand some of the investment projects currently happening — with dozens more on the horizon

Why invest in Erie?

Erie is in the midst of an unprecedented era of growth and investment — one that includes more than $750 million in capital investment from the private, philanthropic, and public sectors. Erie is also home to more than 23,000 university students, commercial and residential property ready for redevelopment, and 470 acres of bayfront property — 176 acres of which is prime for development.
October 29 - 30

Event Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates.
Day One
Thursday, Oct 29
12:00 PM
The Magic of Homecoming
12:15 PM
A Hero's Welcome: Homecoming 2020
James Grunke, CEO of the Erie Regional Chamber, will welcome attendees and share a glimpse of what's ahead over the two days of Erie Homecoming 2020.
12:30 PM
The Justice League: Erie's Black Wall Street and Creating Regional Equity
Co-founders Kyra Taylor, Davona Pacley, and Angelica Spraggins sit down live in-studio with Darrell Thorpe of Erie Insurance to discuss Erie's Black Wall Street's goals, objectives, hopes, and outline how the audience can help.
1:15 PM
It's a Bird, It's a Plane…..It's Super Investor Jim Sorenson!
Globally respected impact investor Jim Sorenson will outline a life of impact investing and talk about why his organization the Sorenson Impact Center awarded Erie the OZ Catalyst Challenge top award.
1:30 PM
Wonder Woman Ain't Got Nothing on Fran Seegull!
The Executive Director of the US Impact Alliance, Fran Seegull will share stories of her globally respected work in place-based social impact investing and share ideas for how Erie can move forward in an equitable and inclusive manner.
1:45 PM
Rebirth: One Dynamic Team Talks Place-Based Impact Investment
Daria Devlin, Executive Director of the Erie Center for Arts and Technology will lead a panel discussion discussing the development and revitalization of a former elementary school at the heart of one of Erie's most challenged neighborhoods.
2:30 PM
The League of Extraordinary Impact Investors Make a Really Big Announcement
Jonathan Tower, Managing Partner of Arctaris Impact Investors, and Mitch Hecht, Chairman, and Founder of IRG, sit down in studio with Mike Batchelor of the Community Foundation to discuss why they've chosen to make significant investments in the Erie community.
3:45 PM
Erie's Iron Man has a Vision for Technology and Manufacturing
Jake Rouch of the Erie Regional Chamber sits down with Founder and CEO of Data Inventions to discuss the disruptive technology that positions Data Invention to serve as an economic engine and catalyst for the Erie region for years to come.
4:15 PM
Back to the Future: Erie's Plan to Restart to a Better Tomorrow
Rachel Reilly from the Economic Innovation Group, Grant Baskerville from the Sorenson Impact Center, and Aaron Thomas from Accelerator for America share thoughts about Erie's recovery plan in a post-COVID-19 world.
4:45 PM
The Next Generation: How United Way of Erie County is Creating the Region's Future Heroes
Mike Jaruszewicz, United Way of Erie County, and Yoselin Person from WJET TV, sit down with Kerrie Grande and Diane Sutton, champions on the frontlines of cultivating a new generation of heroes for the Erie Community. Panelists share how they created a nationally recognized community school model right here in Erie.
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Virtual Networking with Whitethorn Digital
Grab a cocktail and join us for this virtual networking session. This session will enable attendees to participate in a zany recreation of Erie via the video game Cities: Skylines. Participants will be able to try their hand at managing traffic issues, pollution mitigation and development issues affecting Erie through a light-hearted and fun discussion.
Day Two
Friday, Oct 30
11:00 AM
A Hero's Welcome: Day 2
Erie Regional Chamber Board Chairman Tom Tupitza will recap the excitement of Day 1 and outline the agenda for Day 2 of Erie Homecoming.
11:05 AM
Avengers: How Erie Insurance is Leading the Way
Tim NeCastro, CEO of Erie Insurance, will sit down with James Grunke of the Erie Regional Chamber to discuss why he loves Erie, what gives him hope, and what challenges he sees on the horizon. The conversation will include of a recap of Erie Insurance's recent investments and a discussion of what lies ahead for Erie County's largest employer.
11:45 AM
The Bat Cave: How the EDDC is Revitalizing Downtown Erie
John Persinger, CEO of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation, will discuss EDDC's mission to revitalize downtown Erie and walk attendees through a vision of the future of Erie's heartbeat – downtown Erie.
12:00 PM
Stark Tower: An Inside Look at Scott Enterprise's Newest Bayfront Development
Nick Scott and Nick Scott Jr. will guide attendees through a virtual tour of their newest property - and first development of the Harbor Place development plan - the Hampton Inn Hotel and Oliver's rooftop restaurant.
12:15 PM
Secure Erie Accelerator 3rd Annual Demo Day
Experience a fast-paced, live demo day presentation from the Secure Erie Accelerator's new cohort of high-potential technology companies.
1:30 PM
A Hero's Return: Why These Young Professional Choose Erie
Members of the Young Erie Professionals will sit down over local craft beers and share why they've decided to make Erie, Pennsylvania their home. Hear stories of from the next generation of leaders as they build businesses, families, careers, and legacies.

Our Speakers

Grant  Baskerville
Grant Baskerville
Manager, Sorenson Impact Center at University of Utah
Duane   Clement
Duane Clement
Founder and CEO, Data Inventions
Daria  Devlin
Daria Devlin
Executive Director, Erie Center for Arts and Technology
Kerrie  Grande
Kerrie Grande
Community School Director, Iroquois Elementary
James  Grunke
James Grunke
President and CEO, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership
Mitch  Hecht
Mitch Hecht
Founder and Chairman, International Recycling Group, LLC.
Rick  Jacobs
Rick Jacobs
CEO, Accelerator for America
Mike  Jaruszewicz
Mike Jaruszewicz
United Way VP of Community Impact
Bruce  Katz
Bruce Katz
Director, Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University and Author of The New Localism
Ken  Louie
Ken Louie
Director, Economic Research Institute of Erie
Tim  Necastro
Tim Necastro
President and CEO, Erie Insurance
Davona  Pacley
Davona Pacley
Co-Founder, Erie's Black Wall Street
John  Persinger
John Persinger
CEO, Erie Downtown Development Corporation
Rachel  Reilly
Rachel Reilly
Director of Impact Strategy, Economic Innovation Group
Fran   Seegull
Fran Seegull
Executive Director, US Impact Investing Alliance at Ford Foundation
Jim   Sorenson
Jim Sorenson
Founder, Sorenson Impact Center at University of Utah
Angelica  Spraggins
Angelica Spraggins
Co-Founder, Erie's Black Wall Street
Diane  Sutton
Diane Sutton
Principal, Edison Elementary, a United Way Community School
Kyra  Taylor
Kyra Taylor
Co-Founder, Erie's Black Wall Street
Aaron  Thomas
Aaron Thomas
Director of Economic Development, Accelerator for America
Jonathan  Tower
Jonathan Tower
Founder and Managing Partner, Arctaris Impact Investors

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For more information, contact Brett Wiler, Director of Capital Formation, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership at bwiler@eriepa.com or (814) 454-07191 ext. 137.

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